Why I Love Pai + An Original Song/Video

762 turns later we arrived in Pai with empty barf bags. As other passengers rushed to the 7-11 for a trashcan and some Listerine, we wandered about the musical village eating corn and tripping on Dramamine. It felt like a dream, even after the Dramamine subsided. Pai, (incorrectly pronounced by travelers as “Pie”) is small […]

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Weird Is Ok

“Every picture tells a story don’t it?” – Rod Stewart The best dollar-fifty I’ve spent in Thailand has been on a small notebook and a set of children’s colored pencils. If you haven’t in a while, give drawing another shot. Turn off your brain and let whatever flows through you, flow through. Don’t over think, […]

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Heading North – 4 Observations On Happiness

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was in the Golden Triangle, on top of a mountain, spending time with the Lahu Hill Tribe. Surprisingly, they don’t have internet. Since arriving in Northern Thailand 3 weeks ago, my trip has drastically improved. Four factors have contributed to that improvement – factors that can not only […]

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What It Was Like To Go Viral

First we were ill, then we went viral. A video I filmed in Ko Samui, Thailand of a little dog trying to rip off Kendra’s top got over 3 million views in a week. It was featured on the Today Show and various other news outlets. If you haven’t seen it here it is for reference: To […]

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Dengue Fever & IES

This post was written over two weeks ago. I didn’t want to post it until I was sure I was completely healthy, both physically and mentally. Kendra and I both had Dengue Fever. We’re 100% recovered now but it was rough. Dengue Fever (Necessary first note: Kendra was a champ and took care of me when […]

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Mark Mermaid Music Monday

I’m giving myself a little break (You’ll find out why next week) and posting our Disney Cover of “Part Of Your World” this week. While it is a Disney song, the degree of difficulty was quite high. We’re not sure if this is how they do it in the original but our version has over […]

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The Bandwidth War

Arms aching, I hold my computer above my head, twisting it this way and that, exhausting my strength to find a stronger connection. 20 minutes of WIFI left, but another 200 minutes until the video completes its upload. An irish woman drifts past, “Here ye are. We catchin’ the next boat outta here. You can […]

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Navigational Tools

This one truly comes out of the fingertips. I normally keep these blog posts in the rearview mirror all week but, it being my first week in SE Asia I’ve been completely consumed looking out the driver-side window. That is what traveling offers, a complete immersion in the “now”. ‘Now’ this Mark Monday (well technically […]

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I’m Scared

My plane could crash at any moment. When I arrive in Bangkok I have no plans, 64 days and slightly more than $1000. None of this scares me, but I’m scared… I’m scared to be the traveler who doesn’t travel. The writer who doesn’t write. The musician who doesn’t play. I’m scared I’ll procrastinate my dreams until I’m […]

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A Mini Lesson On Solutions

Look for the opportunities in every obstacle because what else can you do: Who knows, you may even end up better than you were before: Thank you so much Mini and Mini of San Francisco! Not only did you get my duo, Dirty Little Blondes, back in the game quickly, but also you strengthened my […]

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