“Drive Traffic To Your Blog”

For a year I blogged. I followed only the cliché advice on the “How To Build A Successful Blog” Blogs – write from your heart. I didn’t structure my writing around SEO terms, use click-friendly titles, run ads, or write anything that I didn’t want to write.  So after a year, do I consider my blog successful? […]

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A Dark Mark

About the only flurry of activity I had during the peak of Dengue Fever was to wake up and scribble down the below ‘poem’ in a notebook. It could have come to me in a pointed dream. If so, I don’t remember the dream. I do however, remember waking up, writing without pause, and then […]

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Why I Love Pai + An Original Song/Video

762 turns later we arrived in Pai with empty barf bags. As other passengers rushed to the 7-11 for a trashcan and some Listerine, we wandered about the musical village eating corn and tripping on Dramamine. It felt like a dream, even after the Dramamine subsided. Pai, (incorrectly pronounced by travelers as “Pie”) is small […]

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