A Triumphant Return

It’s official! I’ve reclaimed my last name. Thank you so much for the validation Time Magazine. This Site’s Tagline From The Start: “Reclaiming My Last Name” You see, now that a major news outlet referred to me as “the Sandusky,” it’s fair to say that my 2014 blogging offensive successfully defeated Jerry Sandusky, the defensive coordinator and infamous child rapist […]

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The Grand Finale

I worked for 270 hours to make it to this moment. The final blog post of 2014, the year I made a public promise to post once a week, every week. It all leads up to this… Golden Moment Of Clarity I think many of us live our lives expecting some “golden moment of clarity” to […]

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Playing For The Trees

Below is a whimsical song/poem I wrote just yesterday.  I hope it brightens your holidays.  (Typed out version below picture)   Playing For The Trees I never thought that I would be Playing a concert for the trees But now that you’re my audience Oh geeze, I never thought of this   I write my […]

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“Drive Traffic To Your Blog”

For a year I blogged. I followed only the cliché advice on the “How To Build A Successful Blog” Blogs – write from your heart. I didn’t structure my writing around SEO terms, use click-friendly titles, run ads, or write anything that I didn’t want to write.  So after a year, do I consider my blog successful? […]

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