To-Do: Blog Pep-Talk

Whats The Point?

Lately this blog has been feeling like a “to-do,” an annoying thing I have to get out of the way as opposed to a creation that makes me feel better once I complete it.

I want to drop it, but I never stick to anything. So even though I don’t tell anyone it exists – and some of them are non-sensical, non-value-add posts, I gotta keep on keeping on.

Keep writing. A break through is around the corner.

Quick update. While I don’t create these non-sensical posts anymore, I do work on other blogs that have a point. For instance, this post on voice deepening exercises and this PKC Poker review are blog posts with a purpose.

Men’s Groups

Scared GuyHe knew he’d gone soft once he started joining men’s groups.

At first it was simple things, like online forums where guys would pass around job leads and the occasional piece of advice.  Then some local meetups, next a few weekend getaways.

Now he’d leave his wife and kids for weeklong camps, where guys would get together just to talk about what made them happy.