Category: PG-13

Oh, K.

It was a flipped lucid dream. I knew I was awake, and yet, the dream was in control.  Blowing me this way and that. It was mostly good, but when I asked Alexa to change the soundtrack that robot wouldn’t listen to me. I probably wasn’t pronouncing her name right. Or maybe the neon lights…
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The Girl & The Scalpel

She started with her face. That’s where she felt it most. Well, maybe, but it was too risky to cut into her chest. The cage would sit an inch behind her skin like an internal cast. The cage was meant to hold back the pressure. She couldn’t take any more of the pressure. Desire would…
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Skee Ball

My balls drop and I go for the tightest hole. 100,000. The coveted hole in the top left corner. Aim, fire. Gutterball. Aim, fire. Gutterball. Aim, fire Gutterball. Hmmm… The guy on my left is steady sinking the middle hole. 10,000 points a pop. 3 in a row. I’m down, but whatever. With 7 more…
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