The Candy and The Wrapper

Candy in Wrapper

The candy lived in the open. He felt the good and bad of the breeze.

One day, when the wind was blowing particular hard, the candy met a wrapper who offered him protection from the ever changing winds of fortune.

The candy knew he’d miss the breeze, but his cheeks were chapped and so he joined with the wrapper and closed himself off to the outside world.

At first, life inside the wrapper was absolutely marvelous. Each morning the candy woke up in an ideal state of comfort.

Anywhere the candy went, no matter how exotic, conditions remained ideal. The wrapper loved the candy and the candy loved the wrapper.

But eventually the candy’s definition of ideal changed and he began to fidget, which made the wrapper squeeze tighter.

Inside the wrapper, the candy knew he was mostly happy, but also knew he was mostly shut off from the world.

What the candy didn’t know was what to do next, because with each day he grew more comfortable, he also grew more constrained.

…to be continued…


The Human Race

Finish Where You End

Ext. Trail Race. Participants of all shapes, sizes, and species appear at the starting line.



The cheetah sprints ahead. The antelope gallops right. The elephant plods left. The bird flies up. The gopher digs down. The human turns around and asks…


Where’s the finish line?

The human is all alone, but the flag sticking out of the starting gun says, “Finish where you end.”

Paw & Patsy Pt. 1B

Polar bears and submarines


PT. 1B

Int. French submarine. AXEL zits next to a bottle of vodka, vhittling a ztick, zinging, “In a cannnnnn, below the iizzzeeeee, thizz is howwwww I zpend myyy lifffeeee. And, Vwow! Vwhat a life of…”


Axel look!


Vwhat is it?


Don’t azk and lizen. Obey and look. Look! Look! Look!


OK, OK, Oh vwow!

(looking through the periscope)

Should vwe kill zem and eat zem.


Kill zem and eat zem!? Are jou mad? Zees are endangered Polar Bearz! How can jou even imagine…

Oh dear, one of zem is biting our periscope.

Axel is already at ze helm, raising zem up to ze surface.


Zis should zcare zem off! Oh vwow!


Zey are beautiful…

Ze two men now stare eye to eye wiz 2 polar bears. Ze larger polar bear lets out a zurprised growl.


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