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Don’t Forget Your Fortune

I collaborated on a music video today and then we went to eat Chinese food. I’m a little drunk so, I hope I don’t forget my fortune. ***See yesterday’s post on Taoism & Creative Management***  

Taoism and Creativity

“Hold on loosely But don’t let go If you cling to tightly You’re gonna lose control” -38 special I’m not that into 80s music, but I’m very into Taoism as a creative management style. We want our creative visions to manifest exactly as we imagine, but the world is filled with variables outside of our…
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Dear Dumb Candy,

Two candies lived side by side. One candy was very stupid. The other candy was very dumb. The stupid candy often thought he could forge ahead. The dumb candy would follow him. How silly these two candies were. But ignorance is bliss, And at least they had each other. The End. — Inspired by my…
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The Boxer

He would fight to make life better. The winnings paid the bills. The boxer beat the devil, because he never lost his will.  

Lift ’em Up

He wanted to help them look down on the tallest rooftop. So he cut back on sleep and used his bedsheets to construct a balloon. He didn’t waste any hot air promising the people. It was all put into the balloon. After decades of crashes and complaints, he finally created the first hot air balloon…
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Hustling Buddhas

To create a better world we need to create more happy people. A core component of happiness is a lifestyle that is inspired, sustainable, and free. Our mission is to present systems that enable people to succeed at life on their own terms. Check out our offerings below and please sign up for our community…
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Forcing Polish

Publishing these posts, even though I don’t publicize them, still places them in the World Wild Web. So even on days when I don’t feel like writing, the fact that you could be reading forces me to craft and polish a piece of work.      

The Next Step

If you Google your symptoms, you may find you have hypochondria.  I don’t know if anyone ever died from hypochondria, but it’s sure wasted a lot of life. To cure hypochondria, unplug your modem, take a walk outside, and look at some ants. Ants don’t worry about getting stepped on. They go about their lives…
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Hungover: The Potion in The Pit

He wanted to be a hero, but he lacked a special potion. Luckily, there was a potion in the pit and a potion on the hill. The pit seemed easier, so he tied one end of the rope to a tree stump and the other end of the rope to his ankle and lowered himself…
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The Buddha & The Hustler

We’re all born buddhas, not hustlers. We have a beginners mind. Open and receptive to all things. No judgement, just pure wonder. However, the hustler begins to grow quickly once we learn we must ‘hustle’ to get what we want. The boob, the toys, the friends, the boobs, the grades, the job, the money. **Ding**…
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