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Digital Detection

Int. Chic modern apartment. CARRY sits down at her computer with a coffee in hand. She brings up a video conference app and hesitantly dials a contact, DAN <3. DAN answers. It’s late. He is in a different time zone. Travelling for business. DAN Hey Baby. How are you? CARRY I’m good. Just calling to…
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Don’t Forget Your Fortune

I collaborated on a music video today and then we went to eat Chinese food. I’m a little drunk so, I hope I don’t forget my fortune. ***See yesterday’s post on Taoism & Creative Management***  

Funding Art on The Blockchain (Peatar)

*Update – On 4/20, 2 hours after placing Peatar Up for sale, he was bought for 1 ETH 🙂 – you can still buy him from the original patron using the link. — The Non-Fungibles is an experimental cartoon that experiments with the idea of digital collectibles as an additional revenue source for creatives. Video:…
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New Job

I got a job and I like it a lot. Weird. I found ConsenSys, when I was deep in a Wikipedia rabbit hole learning about Ethereum and blockchain technology. The company is completely remote and “flat” – meaning no one has a boss and you don’t have to go into an office. You’re basically just…
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Can You Learn To Sing Online

I sang, but I never considered myself a singer. The reason I sang is because I’m a guitarist and songwriter – so who else was going to sing my songs?  I was skeptical you could learn to sing in the same way you could learn to play the guitar. You were either born a good singer, or you weren’t.…
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