Fake News

Reporter Lady

Ext. A beach town reminiscent of Puerto Rico. A female reporter faces the camera, mic in hand.


How would it feel to turn 1 thousand dollars, into 1 million dollars? Even better, how would it feel to do that before the age of 30? That’s exactly what local resident Derek Feign did this last year by trading crypto currency.

We cut to the same reporter conducting a previously recorded interview with Derek Feign inside his home. Derek is a young, surfer type. Derek is showing the reporter his surfboards, his audio is faint in the back as narration is in the forefront.

I got this board for the days where I’m just riding easy rollers. I got this…

Derek Feign. 28 years old. College drop out. Millionaire.

Audio Fade in reporter and Derek.

And you bought all these surfboards using crypto currency?

Pretty much, I mean like I didn’t walk into the surf shop and buy this long board with Tron. I cashed out when Tron was at .22 and used the USD for the board. But like, those earnings came from Tron.

Cliche trading charts, graphs and coin symbols cover the screen.


Tron is a popular crypto currency. One of hundreds of digital coins that Derek bought back in 2017 and sold earlier this year for a pretty digital penny.


So let’s back up, how’d you get into crypto currency in the first place?

Poker. I was playing on this site that used bitcoin way back when bitcoin was only a few bucks.

DEREK is now sitting at his computer, clearly winning/losing money at something.

DEREK (continued)

And like, I had a couple hundred bitcoins in there and just never bothered to cash out and then one day my buddy called me up and was like


DEREK (Continued)

“Broo, have you checked your poker stash lately?” And that’s when I looked and bitcoin had mooned to like a couple thousand dollars a coin and that’s when I was like, ohhhh, I should pay attention to this.

Footage of Derek showing the reporter EtherRoll (rather than a trading platform), faintly in the background you hear him talking about how ‘you make your own luck.’


And pay attention he did. Not only to Bitcoin, but to alt coins, which means any digital currency other than Bitcoin. Many of these digital currencies rose in value by as much as 10000% percent over the course of last year, only to come crashing back down.


And how’d you know when to take your winnings and get out?


Honestly, like, I just knew or something. Like to use a simile, I could feel this wave might end,

Cut to Derek paddling out into the waves on a foam board.

DEREK (Continued)

and like if I didn’t jump off now, I would ride it for too long and have to paddle all the way back out past the breakers again, so I don’t know, I just bailed, ya know?

Cut to Derek shakily riding a foam board on a small wave.


And I’m glad I did because now I can just keep surfing.

Back to our reporter in real time, addressing the camera with the mic.

REPORTER (chuckles)

While Derek may have retired from Blockchain, many top tier firms and technology experts have not. Despite falling prices, the consensus among experts is that the initial price run up was caused by unnatural hype and speculation from people like Derek. Now that things have returned to normal, speculators have exited the space and the true blockchain revolution is about to begin.

Table of anchors at local news desk.

Thank you Andrea. And up next, how a local woman found baby chickens in her underwear.


Funding Art on The Blockchain (Peatar)

*Update – On 4/20, 2 hours after placing Peatar Up for sale, he was bought for 1 ETH 🙂 – you can still buy him from the original patron using the link.

The Non-Fungibles is an experimental cartoon that experiments with the idea of digital collectibles as an additional revenue source for creatives.

Video: Free Peatar

Peatar is a verifiably scarce digital collectible who can be traded on open markets. You can buy him using Ethereum here.

In buying him, you hold the private keys to a time stamped contract that verifies you own “the official digital version” of Peatar. Which is an image hosted on IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System) that looks like this…

In owning “the official digital version” of Peatar, others can still see the image. You receive no rights to change his character. No royalties. You really don’t get any power at all… except…

What if The Non-Fungibles becomes a cult success? What if this new way of funding art takes off, all thanks to Peatar, The Fearless Leader of The Non-Fungibles?

Imagine if you were able to buy the verified first digital version of Bart Simpson back in the day… probably would be worth something today. 

If Peatar becomes ‘famous’ more people would likely want to own the official digital version, and the owner of the digital collectible can sell Peatar on the free market when the price is right.

Digital collectibles enable a new relationship between creators and patrons:

Digital collectibles allow creators to focus on creating their primary creation – not creating rewards like t-shirts and thank you letters.

Patrons now receive something that makes them economically incentivized to support and spread the gospel of the creator. Their verifiable record that ‘they liked it before it was cool’ becomes more valuable with the success of that creation.


Imagine a world where musicians can sell a “digital original version” of their song in addition to the normal release as an added source of revenue for the artist. For the patron, if that song became #1… official collectors proof that they liked it before it was cool + future profit.

“Sure anyone can download Abbey Road for free – but I’d still drop 100gs on the original vinyl.” – Peatar

Blockchain digital collectibles are better than other digital collectibles:

You’ve maybe seen those $5 limited edition stickers on Facebook. Well, those only work because they are controlled and ‘limited’ by Facebook, within the Facebook ecosystem. They must remain within the walled garden of Facebook.  Under Facebook’s rules.  If Facebook disappears – so do your stickers.

Blockchain collectibles live on a publicly owned blockchain that can track ownership of digital items – and create digital scarcity. Just like you can’t copy and paste a bitcoin, you can’t copy and paste the smart contract that says you own Peatar.

SuperRare & Secondary Markets

To link Peatar to the blockchain I partnered with superrare.co – however, Peatar doesn’t only live within superrare, he can be traded anywhere peer to peer. Superrare is a service provider (linking him to the chain) and a marketplace (hosting a sale page). But again, the Peatar contract is free to float around the internet, not confined to the superrare platform.

Why SuperRare:

I chose superrare.co for a number of reasons, but one thing I liked was that SuperRare codes their smart contract so that creators (in this case me) receive 10% of all secondary market sales.  Meaning if Peatar is traded for 100 ETH in 5 years – I’ll automatically receive 10 ETH as the creator. The secondary buyers and sellers don’t have to know me or send it to me. I don’t have to trust them. It all just happens automatically thanks to smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Meaning blockchain based digital collectibles can enable an additional and perpetual source of revenue for creators.

That’s rad.

Free Peatar

Blockchain & Yoga


Before I unleash my own thoughts about blockchain, here are some of my favorite beginner friendly links.

  • Article: The Ultimate, 3,500 word, plain English guide to blockchain
    • This article takes you under the hood on how blockchain enables us to control our own data and still have a universal source of truth
  • PodCast: Nick Szabo on the Tim Ferris Show
    • Long, winding and interesting. Great for a road trip.
  • Documentary: Banking On Bitcoin (Netflix link)
    • This focuses only on bitcoin, but is entertaining. FYI: Bitcoin ≠ Blockchain
  • Starter Investment Platform: Coinbase
    • First off only put in what you would be comfortable losing. Second, understand what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. Third, what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell is the billion dollar question. Many have opinions, no one knows. This is absolutely not investment advice, but if you want to dip your toes into the water, the Coinbase app is the easiest way to get started.


Here is my favorite YouTube Yoga class. I’ve honestly done it 300+ times. It’s particularly good if you’ve done a few Bikram classes in a studio, and therefore already know how to do these poses. That way you can use it more as an audio rather than video track.  Between this, body weight exercises and running, I now no longer spend money on fitness memberships 🙂

New Job

I got a job and I like it a lot. Weird.

I found ConsenSys, when I was deep in a Wikipedia rabbit hole learning about Ethereum and blockchain technology. The company is completely remote and “flat” – meaning no one has a boss and you don’t have to go into an office. You’re basically just hired with a skill set and then you figure out what to do.  Weird.

Weird is awesome though, and that’s why I sent them a weird video on my first day. Co-workers liked it a lot and I’ve been continuing to collaborate and be weird ever since joining.