Digital Detection

Lie Detection

Int. Chic modern apartment. CARRY sits down at her computer with a coffee in hand. She brings up a video conference app and hesitantly dials a contact, DAN <3.

DAN answers. It’s late. He is in a different time zone. Travelling for business.


Hey Baby. How are you?


I’m good. Just calling to say hi. See what you’re up to.

DAN (leaving his hotel room, phone in hand)

Sorry, gimme one second.

CARRY with a skeptical look, goes to the settings in the video conferencing app and clicks “Detect lies.” Dan’s face is quickly mapped in a set of green nodes that disappear. The “detect lies” feature is on.

DAN (continued)

Just want to get some fresh air. I’ve been cooped up in doors all day.


Aww, I’m sorry. You haven’t been able to explore the city much?


Not a bit. (The nodes mapped to his face quickly flash red) Just meetings and stuff.


Meetings. That doesn’t sound fun. You should go out and explore a bit. Immerse yourself in the culture.


Haha, we’ll see. To be honest, I don’t really like it here. (The nodes flash red.) It’s cold and lonely (The nodes flash red) I really wish you were here.


Oh. Well. You’ll be home soon enough.

Female voices and noise in the background on Dan’s end seem to be getting closer.


I can’t wait. (Flashes red.) Hey baby, I gotta go – but I love you so much. I’ll see you soon ok?


Bye. Love you too… try to have a little fun…

The two blow kisses good bye. CARRY drops her phone on the counter and sips her coffee. Sad… wondering what to do next.

Dear Dumb Candy,

Two candies lived side by side.

One candy was very stupid.

The other candy was very dumb.

The stupid candy often thought he could forge ahead.

The dumb candy would follow him.

How silly these two candies were.

But ignorance is bliss,

And at least they had each other.

The End.

Inspired by my one and only Sweetie – my candy, my wrapper, and the mouth who loves me most. I love you dearly. The bitter and the sweet.


Stupid Candy


The Candy and The Wrapper

Candy in Wrapper

The candy lived in the open. He felt the good and bad of the breeze.

One day, when the wind was blowing particular hard, the candy met a wrapper who offered him protection from the ever changing winds of fortune.

The candy knew he’d miss the breeze, but his cheeks were chapped and so he joined with the wrapper and closed himself off to the outside world.

At first, life inside the wrapper was absolutely marvelous. Each morning the candy woke up in an ideal state of comfort.

Anywhere the candy went, no matter how exotic, conditions remained ideal. The wrapper loved the candy and the candy loved the wrapper.

But eventually the candy’s definition of ideal changed and he began to fidget, which made the wrapper squeeze tighter.

Inside the wrapper, the candy knew he was mostly happy, but also knew he was mostly shut off from the world.

What the candy didn’t know was what to do next, because with each day he grew more comfortable, he also grew more constrained.

…to be continued…


Paw & Patsy

Polar bears and submarines

Part 1A:

Ext. A majestic arctic ice shelf. A male and female polar bear (bi-polar bears) walk side by side through the lightly falling snow.

We move in closer to see that the larger, male polar bear, Paw, is not happy. Making the entire mood bad.


It was not that far. We easily could have made the swim, ate a few seals and been back to our ice shelf by tomorrow.


Would you just drop it Paw? I didn’t want to spend another night out. That should be enough.


Enough? Enough of what!? I’m starving. Woo.. what’s this?

The two polar bears have spotted something and abruptly change gears. The entire mood is now happy.


It looks beautiful.

Paw, disgusted but happy, is spitting out what little bit of the frozen material he could bite off.

PAW (delightedly)

It tastes.. well.. terrible!



Suddenly whatever it is they found seems to come alive. The entire ice is rising around them. They scamper backward and see…

PAW (Confused)

Wait.. that did not taste like a whale…

Our two arctic beasts have stumbled upon a submarine and now stand eye to eye with two soldiers peering through the windows.

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