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Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video: Things To Know + Industry Price Ranges

There are tons of variables to think about when creating a corporate video. Even if you do have a general sense of what you want to say and how you want it to look creatively – price ranges and time frames are all over the place!  You don’t want to go too cheap and get…
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Digital Detection

Int. Chic modern apartment. CARRY sits down at her computer with a coffee in hand. She brings up a video conference app and hesitantly dials a contact, DAN <3. DAN answers. It’s late. He is in a different time zone. Travelling for business. DAN Hey Baby. How are you? CARRY I’m good. Just calling to…
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Don’t Forget Your Fortune

I collaborated on a music video today and then we went to eat Chinese food. I’m a little drunk so, I hope I don’t forget my fortune. ***See yesterday’s post on Taoism & Creative Management***  

Taoism and Creativity

“Hold on loosely But don’t let go If you cling to tightly You’re gonna lose control” -38 special I’m not that into 80s music, but I’m very into Taoism as a creative management style. We want our creative visions to manifest exactly as we imagine, but the world is filled with variables outside of our…
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Polish polish

Time is our only constraint. This blog is fun to me, but is it the best use of my time? For now though, I’m too scared to miss a day, because if I miss one I’ll stop altogether. Also, if polish was made in Poland it would be Polish polish.

Dear Dumb Candy,

Two candies lived side by side. One candy was very stupid. The other candy was very dumb. The stupid candy often thought he could forge ahead. The dumb candy would follow him. How silly these two candies were. But ignorance is bliss, And at least they had each other. The End. — Inspired by my…
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You want things to snowball, but if you try to scoop too much your snow shovel will get stuck in the sludge. It’s better to scoop a little than fail to scoop a lot.

The Candy and The Wrapper

The candy lived in the open. He felt the good and bad of the breeze. One day, when the wind was blowing particular hard, the candy met a wrapper who offered him protection from the ever changing winds of fortune. The candy knew he’d miss the breeze, but his cheeks were chapped and so he…
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The Boxer

He would fight to make life better. The winnings paid the bills. The boxer beat the devil, because he never lost his will.  

Lift ’em Up

He wanted to help them look down on the tallest rooftop. So he cut back on sleep and used his bedsheets to construct a balloon. He didn’t waste any hot air promising the people. It was all put into the balloon. After decades of crashes and complaints, he finally created the first hot air balloon…
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