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Polish polish

Time is our only constraint. This blog is fun to me, but is it the best use of my time? For now though, I’m too scared to miss a day, because if I miss one I’ll stop altogether. Also, if polish was made in Poland it would be Polish polish.

Hungover: The Potion in The Pit

He wanted to be a hero, but he lacked a special potion. Luckily, there was a potion in the pit and a potion on the hill. The pit seemed easier, so he tied one end of the rope to a tree stump and the other end of the rope to his ankle and lowered himself…
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The Buddha & The Hustler

We’re all born buddhas, not hustlers. We have a beginners mind. Open and receptive to all things. No judgement, just pure wonder. However, the hustler begins to grow quickly once we learn we must ‘hustle’ to get what we want. The boob, the toys, the friends, the boobs, the grades, the job, the money. **Ding**…
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How to Put Guests at Ease

When you’re trying too hard to make other people feel comfortable, they feel uncomfortable. Instead of stressing about making them feel comfortable, you just have to feel comfortable yourself and then, given relatively normal circumstances, they will ease into your comfort bubble. Just a thought as I’m talking to me as she breast feeds her…
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Be Where Now?

“He kept saying, ‘Be Here Now’ and when I asked, ‘Be where now?’ He kept giving me those stupid answers like, ‘The only place you can be, here and now.’ I bought his book and everything. Nothing! It pisses me off, because I’m genuinely putting in a lot of effort to become enlightened and stuff.’…
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The Girl & The Scalpel

She started with her face. That’s where she felt it most. Well, maybe, but it was too risky to cut into her chest. The cage would sit an inch behind her skin like an internal cast. The cage was meant to hold back the pressure. She couldn’t take any more of the pressure. Desire would…
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