Be Where Now?

Be Where Now?

Un Zen Drier Talking on the phone

“He kept saying, ‘Be Here Now’ and when I asked, ‘Be where now?’ He kept giving me those stupid answers like, ‘The only place you can be, here and now.’

I bought his book and everything. Nothing!

It pisses me off, because I’m genuinely putting in a lot of effort to become enlightened and stuff.’

Zen Listener On Other End of Phone

“Ohh Hmm, have you ever tried imagining an arc of positive energy running from the middle of your forehead, down through the center of your skull, opening your throat as it passes into your chest, where it then expands to form an inner cage of positivity that stops your worries, wants and fears from bubbling up to the surface?”

Connecting Within Diagram

“Hey, I’m here now. I gotta go. I’ll call you back once I’m out.”

Zen Center Special


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