Month: November 2018

Well-Rounded Stars

Well-rounded individuals are loved by those, well, around them. But well-rounded individuals lack a point. Stars have a point, and they use that point to poke and jab anything around them in order to break through to the collective conscious. But stars lack close relationships. Can you prioritize your point over people? Do you want…
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The Backseat

The backseat was scary. He was used to driving, or at least riding shotgun. He wasn’t scared they would lose control, or even that they’d leave him at a gas station one day when he went in for a soda. (At least that would force his hand.) No, what scared him was that when they made…
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Oh, K.

It was a flipped lucid dream. I knew I was awake, and yet, the dream was in control.  Blowing me this way and that. It was mostly good, but when I asked Alexa to change the soundtrack that robot wouldn’t listen to me. I probably wasn’t pronouncing her name right. Or maybe the neon lights…
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Be Where Now?

“He kept saying, ‘Be Here Now’ and when I asked, ‘Be where now?’ He kept giving me those stupid answers like, ‘The only place you can be, here and now.’ I bought his book and everything. Nothing! It pisses me off, because I’m genuinely putting in a lot of effort to become enlightened and stuff.’…
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Message In A Bottle

“What are you doing?” “Drinking my way to sadness.” “Why?” “Sadness helps me write.” “Why do you need to write?” “Writing makes me happy.” “oh.”

Seeding Digital Flowers

The flower grows on your wrist, inside your smart watch. The point is to keep the flower alive by keeping it in the sunshine. Sunshine is created by happy thoughts. Happy thoughts are induced through mediation, which is tracked through an EEG headband, and exercise, which is tracked through the smart watch itself. (Steps, calories,…
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How to Get Unstuck

The first thing to do is chill out. You need to overcome the panic so that you can deal with the problem. Slow your breathing, plan your exit. If you flail and grab you’ll break all of the ice around you, making an escape that much more difficult. Once you find your calm, it’s time…
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It’s Your Show

  The role of the audience is expanded. Or diminished. Whichever way you want to look at it. The band plays from the crowd and the cameras sit on top of the screen filming.  It’s a massive selfie. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube — the real success stories involve everyone. Everyone is the audience, everyone is the…
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Skinny Mirrors

“Esse quam videri” – To be, rather than to seem “You’re giving the gift of self confidence and in return your sales will increase by 18.2%.” “But won’t they feel duped when they look in their normal mirror at home?” “Duped? No. Besides, the industry return rate is only 8%. Even if these mirrors increase…
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The Girl & The Scalpel

She started with her face. That’s where she felt it most. Well, maybe, but it was too risky to cut into her chest. The cage would sit an inch behind her skin like an internal cast. The cage was meant to hold back the pressure. She couldn’t take any more of the pressure. Desire would…
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